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Learn more about Dr. Cabrera and her renown passion to help trauma survivors and all people.


Dr. Cabrera is active in the Facebook community and provides a safe place for those to reach out for coaching and assistance. Helpful & Positive Vibes Only!


5 Time Published Author with titles and expert guidance on anxiety, depression, determination, purpose. happiness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

About Dr. Cabrera

Dr. Cabrera has spent well over a decade working with trauma survivors and IS a trauma survivor, herself.  She has come to recognize several important truths throughout her experience.  Here are her top 3:

1. No two survivor stories are the same, so we shouldn’t be subjected to the same treatments as everyone else. Our anxiety and depression is different!

2. We don’t want to just manage our symptoms – we want to THRIVE.

3. The traditional medical model as it pertains to treatment of trauma related symptoms falls woefully short, invalidates us, and may even cause further harm.

Dr. Cabrera's Goals For You

Dr. Cabrera’s goal is to help you become the absolute best version of yourself, reduce or even eliminate reliance on medications, and otherwise embody the resilient warrior you are. 

1.   We will eat well to nourish our mind, emotions and bodies. 

2.   We will eliminate toxins from ourselves and our environment along the way so our minds and bodies can heal properly and efficiently.  

3.   We will exercise to boost neurotransmitters needed for positive mood, to increase our executive functioning and improve our memory that was disrupted by our traumatic experience, and strengthen our bodies.  

4.   We will learn to set appropriate boundaries and cultivate positive friendships and relationships.  

5.   We will also learn to listen to our intuition (not our trauma), practice raw awareness of ourselves without judgement, and integrate our shadow selves so they no longer wreak havoc on our lives.

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Clinical Psychologist & Accountability Coach

Dr. Melanie Cabrera is a clinical psychologist and accountability coach with over a decade of experience in mental health and social services. Her clinical practice involves providing assessment, crisis intervention, treatment plan development and counseling to families and their children/adolescents, transitional youth, and adults with a specific focus on severe trauma care. As a coach, her focus in on helping persons whom have experienced trauma evolve in their personal and professional development, reach their maximum potential and flourish.
Pulling in a humanistic/existential/transpersonal orientation, she utilizes a strengths-based, least restrictive, holistic approach in providing individual and family therapy, as well as crisis intervention to those referred for trauma-focused services. Clinical aromatherapy and movement therapies are an integral part of her practice. This orientation also serves her coaching clients as well, reducing resistance to change, increasing problem solving, and promoting an overall sense of well-being.

Modalities include Client-centered therapy, faith-based therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).