About Dr. Cabrera

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Learn more about Dr. Cabrera and her renown passion to help trauma survivors and all people.


Dr. Cabrera is active in the Facebook community and provides a safe place for those to reach out for coaching and assistance. Helpful & Positive Vibes Only!


5 Time Published Author with titles and expert guidance on clinical aromatherapy and perceived paranormal experience.

About Dr. Cabrera

Dr. Cabrera holds a Doctor of Psychology degree, is a narcissistic abuse recovery coach and is a trauma survivor herself.  She has spent over a decade working with trauma survivors in her previous capacity as a trauma clinician and director of a partial hospitalization program.   She is currently working towards licensure as an independently licensed trauma psychologist.

As a coach, her focus in on helping persons whom have experienced narcissistic abuse evolve in their personal and professional development, reach their maximum potential and flourish.

DISCLAIMER: As a coach, Dr. Cabrera does not provide assessment, diagnosis or treatment for mental or emotional disorders.  Any potential coaching clients must be in maintenance with a current trauma therapist or psychologist.   

Dr. Cabrera's Goal For You

Dr. Cabrera’s goal is to help you become the absolute best version of yourself and otherwise embody the resilient warrior you are through accountability coaching.  Some sample goals you may have:

1.   Eating well to nourish our mind, emotions and bodies. 

2.   Eliminating toxins from ourselves and our environment along the way so our minds and bodies can continue to heal properly and efficiently.  

3.   Exercising to boost neurotransmitters needed for positive mood, to increase our executive functioning and improve our memory that was disrupted by our traumatic experience, and strengthen our bodies.  

4.   Setting and holding appropriate boundaries to cultivate positive friendships and relationships.  

5.   Overall holding ourselves accountable for reclaiming our finances, our careers, or other goals that we had to give up during our relationship with the abusive person.

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